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Commercial Production: The Finest Form of Flattery

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

There is nothing more flattering than being given the opportunity to state your thoughts and opinions. The novelty is even further magnified in high end commercial production. The big lights, the high end cameras, the studio space, the makeup artist refining your complexion to make you look your best. If you are part of a business or a brand that is questioning whether or not to create new media assets for video marketing, allow the concept of the client testimonial to tip you over the edge. 

In sales we strive to spend time with clientele in order to build a meaningful relationship. We observe client demands and we try to fulfill. Given the opportunity to fulfill, we express interest in knowing from the client how well we managed. Provided we accomplished the task properly the testimonial given by the client can be of significant use when pitching products and services to other possible clients. What often comes to pass is the realization that you asking a client to detail their experience is flattering. People care about their opinions. Allotting a designated period of professional onscreen time to outline their experience is VERY flattering. They now not only get to represent their brand as a physical manifestation of that brand on screen, but they get to identify who they are, what they do, and why they are important, and why they chose to utilize your products and services. Sometimes the information given on screen isn't always positive. But, you have the ability to leave that on the cutting room floor, and the shear fact you allowed them to submit an honest opinion, in an onscreen format, is worth a great deal. 

Everyone one loves telling their story. This still reigns true even if it involves your products and services. Create a professional platform that affords them the opportunity and watch real meaningful relationships grow between you and your clients.

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