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The Story Behind The Image

Once upon a time there were 3 individuals with 3 separate companies that all stood on different sides of the Video World. Because they enjoyed each other's company and found their respective skills to be complimentary, they worked together as often as they could. 

This group often spoke about how they could make the industry better - what innovations, processes and equipment could be created or better utilized. And then over the course of a summer, filled with many cross-country flights and long days of production, they formalized a plan to fill a need in this ever-growing World of Video. 

Spoiler alert. This story is true. That plan? Meticulous Image. 

Our combined experience includes producing video of all sizes, with a wide range of budgets and in as many worldwide locations as you could imagine. Really. Throw out a mildly reasonable scenario and we've probably done it. We also have decades of marketing experience that has made us experts at knowing how to properly utilize video in the B2B space. From organic search to buying media, we know how to make YOUR video effective, and we have the team that can help you do it.


We understand business, we understand customers and we understand how to effectively communicate between the two. 

Now this experience is coming together to create something new. 

What can we do? We like to tell people that if something needs to be seen, on a screen, we can put it there. It's true. We've created most types of media to be placed on most types of screens. Our goal here at Meticulous Image is to build lasting relationships with our clients; being their trusted partner for all their video needs. 

And given the opportunity, we don't want to simply fill needs, but we want to inspire growth and explore possibilities. We got into this business because moving images inspire us. We want to share this passion with our clients.

B2B videos are becoming increasingly sought after from companies, yet rarely fought for from vendors. Companies are willing to spend money on digital assets, but productions are still largely geared towards low-budget web videos or high-end broadcast commercials. Meticulous Image will be filling this gap in the market - we are content creators for the modern era.

Let's be honest. Creating something out of nothing is fun. 

Creativity comes naturally for some people. But finding a way to bring a creative idea into existence - there's the challenge. Now take a company with certain goals, values and branding, and creatively send their message...? That's why companies like us exist. Sometimes the answer might be simple, but it's never easy. 

We care about the relationships we have with our clients. We care about the message being sent. We care about the pre-production process and the final distribution. But most of all we care about making sure we provide you a Meticulous Image. 

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