Your Story. Your Success. 

Your client's point of view.

It's a simple concept: 


Put your clients on screen to talk about how your business helped their business.



Written testimonials and reviews are good. Video testimonials and reviews are better. The power of "Seeing Is Believing" holds true. Video testimonials are the best defense against the skeptic. 

An added benefit is that you get to flatter your client by choosing them for the Hollywood treatment Meticulous Image brings to all of our productions!


We make them look good. They make you look good. So much goodness. 

Let Your Success SPEAK!

This spot is one of our favorites.


This particular Testimonial is unique because it shows the perspective of both the company it's for, as well as the successful client relationship. Each person featured does a very detailed job of explaining how the relationship worked.

ProdCo: Meticulous Image

Writer/Producer: Dan Maitland

Director: Ricky Townsend 

Here at Meticulous Image Inc. we really like highlighting successful business relationships. It feels good to tell those sorts of stories. With Sendero consulting we had an opportunity to put both the consulting team on camera as well as Tri-Kes, the company that utilized Sendero's services. This was all conducted at Tri-kes's facilities in Dallas, Texas. 

What'd we do?

For this particular Testimonial Video, we handled everything from location selection to scheduling of the on camera meeting. Lights, cameras, microphones, camera dollies and many other product elements were brought to the production table by our team. 

This sort of video production tends to be a very organic process for those involved. We didn't have a script but we did make a list of bullet points to guide the onscreen talent. What resulted was an hour long discussion between Sendero and Tri-Kes re-hashing how successful the process was.

Here we are, 2 years after creating this video and both companies, particularly Sendero, have gone on to generate millions of dollars worth of business. The moral of the story is that B2B video content, specifically Video Testimonials are an extremely straightforward way to bolster your brand. 

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