Build brand awareness. Tell a story. Look awesome. 

This is commercial production. 

Typically 15, 30, or 60 seconds long, commercials place your brand on a pedestal. We've made commercials that are funny, informative, dramatic and beautiful. The strategy involved is always unique, but the goal is always the same - to send a message. 

A Deeper Dive

This spot is one of our favorites.


Because it's funny?

Because it was risky?

Because it was for a major brand?



ProdCo: Digital Shakedown

Writer/Producer: Austin Hines 

Director: Justin Kirchhoff

It's rare that everything goes the way you want it to. This project was ideal because the client, Logitech, came to us and said, "Pitch us something fun." We did. They loved the script and we were off running.


Our location was a beautiful mansion in a historic neighborhood of Fort Worth, TX. The large rooms made for an efficient set and the aesthetic details in the house made decorating a breeze. 

If there was a difficult part of this project it was the video game footage. Licensing is often a last minute hurdle that can cause quite an expensive (or legal) problem. Music is well known to be copyrighted and if you want to use a song, famous or not, you need to license it. But this also applies to things like artwork and video games - especially when it's highlighted or an important part of the story like in this spot. 

What'd we do?

Through an industry contact, we found a video game development company in North Carolina. We called them up and they were happy to let us use their game, Dystopia! They even made the screen recordings for us so we didn't have to download and learn the game. Their fans are regular users of Logitech products, so they were happy to be seen alongside such an established brand.  

You know how sometimes people overthink things? Yeah, that can happen a lot during a creative production if you're not careful. We thought it'd be really funny, and absurd, to have a 50in TV rise up into frame. Our art director got so into the idea that he disassembled an old dresser and started the process of putting a hydraulic lift inside of it. We realized pretty quickly that this was unpractical (for financial and engineering reasons), mainly because the shot was less than a second and the focus is the Client's product, not our invention. 

Fun fact - the little girl, Brooke Fontana has gone on to have quite the career and can be seen on the Jim Carrey show, Kidding. (We're still waiting on our Thank You card, Brooke!) 

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