Your brand is, like, really cool, right? You should make your own series showcasing who you are. 

An episodic series is not the first move you make when marketing yourself. But after you've started filling out your content library, a series is nice way to give your channel some depth. Maybe it revolves around a host or maybe it follows a travel-show model where we meet people around the country that use your products. 

If commercials place your brand on a pedestal, letting the world know you exist, an episodic series opens the door and invites people in to build a relationship with you. 

A Deeper Dive

Client: Multiview

Series: Good Company

Product: 10, 8-10 minute episodes

Fun To Make: Every day

Director: Dan Maitland

An episodic series is fun. It's marathon fun - really difficult to do, but once you cross that finish line you feel the pride of a job well done. Now, we happen to be production junkies, so we find the grind of long days and heavy cameras to be fun as well. 

But that's just who we are. 

Producing Good Company was a pleasure. Multiview was not trying to show off themselves as much as show off their values - which meant we got to travel the country, meet good companies and highlight who they are. 

This particular series made it's way to a few streaming services and of course will live in the Multiview library for years. Their name and brand never changed, but now with the creation of this series, clients and customers alike get to peak under the hood and see what Multiview is really all about. 

Get personal. Get Real. Get Episodic.

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