Corporate Profiles

Everybody needs them. Get it done. 

It's partly due diligence, but it's also a chance to make a lasting impression.


You have a bio on your website and an "about us" page, now it's time to make the video version. Hearing the voice and seeing the face of the founder humanizes you. The CEO is too busy to meet every employee, but one behind-the-scenes style video can motivate the staff and introduce the boss to everyone. For years. 

Do you ever go to a trade-show or send someone to receive an award? Maybe you keynote speak at conferences. In all these instances you're scattering the days before to create a video that introduces you to the crowd. Plan ahead and have one ready to go. Let us help.  

A Deeper Dive

Client: intelli SMART HOMES

Product: 2min Profile

Producer: Austin Hines

Director: Ricky Anderson II 

Director of Photography: Jake Guy

One client, three videos.


The parent company, Envirosolar, was growing and needed to help separate the identities of each company. In addition to this video, we also created a Profile for their solar installation company and then a third that centered around the CEO - his story and vision for the future. 

Think ahead. Think broad. 

Sometimes it's easier, sometimes it's exponentially easier to create multiple videos than just one. We were able to get interviews for 3 videos in the same time it would've taken to get interviews for 1 video. 

As well as being useful on this company's website, they're able to play this at trade shows and job fairs. 

Show people what you do. 

Partly, it's more interesting to see something via a video than to read about it. But a lot of times words don't paint an accurate picture. In this video for instance, the technology involved is unique. It's sleek and functional. You can read about it, but that's why they say that a picture's worth a thousand words. 


Videos tell a fuller story. What's yours? 

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