Training Videos

Training is essential. Do it better with video.  

Need to teach your employees or customers how to do something? Do you have yearly compliance requirements to fill or continuing education needs? Training videos have a long shelf-life and give you the ability to communicate to a lot of people, quickly. 

A Deeper Dive

Client: LHP Hospital Group

Product: 12 Scenes, 6 1-Hour Trainings

Why? Because they were tired of the old boring training videos. 

Producer: Austin Hines

Director: Justin Kirchhoff

Training videos can be tough because TRAININGS can be tough. If someone is being forced to do (or watch) something, they're already expecting it to be boring and an inconvenience. So, we've got that going against us.


If you're a Hospital Group, for instance, you have federal compliance and HIPAA regulations that change and you're required to update your staff yearly.


And that's why LHP contacted us.   

It started out as a logistics solution. They have employees spread out around the country. Flying them to a central location for 2 days of training became almost impossible to coordinate. Video freed them and their staff up to complete the training at their own convenience. 

But then the conversation turned towards content. 

We asked them if we could come up with some ideas to make this series more interesting? "Please do," they said. It seemed like a natural idea to us to film scenes that illustrated different points and set the stage for the various compliance issues they were learning about. So, that's what we did. 

Some of these scenes show how not to do something. Others set up a difficult real life situation that the presenter can then reference when teaching the various ways to deal with the issue. 

Furthermore, these scenes are useful for their live trainings, boosting the entertainment and retention factor for their in-person audiences. 

Video to the rescue, yet again.

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