Make the talent you need, come to you. 

Looking for good talent? Looking for the right talent? 

Video is the answer. 

Recruiting is hard work - that's why headhunters get paid 5 and 6 figures to bring you the right staff. A recruitment video can help you in two key ways:

1) Let people know who you are, what your culture is like, and why employees love working there. This will quickly narrow down applicants to a category of people that know, "I want to be there. I can be one of them." 


2) Get the attention of people who may have not heard of you otherwise. If you're targeting, for instance, a sales force, a video that speaks directly to your ideal sales candidates can do the "headhunting" for you.


Through social media and targeted marketing, you can speak directly to almost any audience you want to. 


Find the audience. Send the Message. We can help you with both. 

If You Show It, They Will Come 

Do you believe? They do.

Client: Fabcon

ProdCo: Meticulous Image

Producer/Director: Dan Maitland

Fabcon is a big company. We've done a lot with them - mostly commercial based. The idea of a "recruitment" video was never a part of this projects' scope. As we started gathering media and learning more about the company it became obvious that they needed something tailored to potential employees. 

How do the right people find you?

Answering this question is how the recruitment video came about. We already had a terabyte of video footage, so all we had to do was capture some interviews - which was easy to do because all of their employees have great things to say. 

Isn't 3 minutes a little long?

Yes, this is a long video, but you have to consider the audience. Some recruitment videos need to be fast-paced and hard-hitting. Maybe you're placing it as an ad and you only have 15 or 30 seconds to hook someone's attention. That's not the case here with Fabcon. 

What Fabcon needed, and what we delivered, is a longer and more in-depth look at their company. This video is not for the general public and it's not for potential clients. This video is for people that will spend decades as a member of the Fabcon family. And it's worked. 

We'll make it work for you too. Promise.

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