QR Codes


It's not the 1900s anymore. 


Step 1

Print QR code on product or box (it can be a sticker).

Step 2

Your customers scan and get directed to a how-to video page.

Step 3

They watch. They learn. They leave a five star review because they've never been so satisfied. 

Screenshot 2021-01-18 110342.png

Step 4

You cancel that order for the 10,000 instruction manuals you were about to have printed.


The QR Code link can be changed or updated as often as needed. 

A PDF instruction manual can be attached if that's what your customers REALLY want. 

The Code can take them to a page with more than one video if it's a multi-step process or you want to use the same code for multiple products. 


It's an easy opportunity to upsell or introduce them to other products. 


The video can be hosted by someone from your company or one of our professional actors. 


Need more convincing?