Product Demo

"How-To" videos are popular for a reason. People need to know how to do things. Show them. 

Online content creators make full-time jobs out of reviewing products and showing others how to use them. Take the reigns over your product and build a content library that shows your consumers what they need to know, so they don't have to go find out from someone else. 

A Deeper Dive

Client: Elta MD

Elta Who? The #1 dermatologist recommended sunscreen. That's who. 

Elta Why? Because they have so many products they wanted to help customers know the difference.

Producer: Ricky Anderson II

Director: Austin Hines

D.P.: Dan Maitland

We've created a lot of videos for Elta MD. We love them and we might even put on their facial sunscreen every day as part of our morning routine. They have a lot of products and have established a unique brand. 

You might think that "Demo" videos for putting on sunscreen isn't necessary.


Well, you're wrong! And here's why:

Elta MD offers a range of products, some in a "tinted" shade, others "clear"and some that are white in the bottle but rub in clear. If you're deciding which one to buy, it's nice to see what they really look like being applied by a real person. 

We've got real people like you wouldn't believe. 

Now, to dive even deeper, there's more use for a demo video than someone actually watching the video you post. You've probably heard of SEO, it's basically street-cred for the internet. You see, there are algorithms on this web thing that are constantly conducting a popularity contest that determines who gets respect and who deserves to be seen. 

The more videos you have, the wider range of videos you have, and the more videos you have that correlate to pertinent searched-for content (or products) - the more street-cred you'll earn.


This means more eyes on your products and clicks on your links. 

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