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Virtual Events

The world changed. Are you caught up?

Virtual events have become commonplace. Whether live, pre-recorded, or a combination of the two, we have become experts of helping you get the most out of this virtual world we've all been thrust in to. 

  • Do you have an event that might need to be virtual, but you're not sure? We've had that discussion many times. 

  • Do you need to decide between actually being live on camera, or hosting a live event that airs pre-recorded content? We can guide you in the right direction. 

  • Do you know which platforms you want to stream to? Yes, you can air on multiple at the same time. 

Do the above questions make you more confused than before? 

This is why we exist. 

In short, let us help you decide the best route to take and if it involves some measure of production, we'll be there for that too. 

A Closer Look

Client: American Heart Association

Projects: Live Events, Award Shows

Provided: Hosting, Streaming, Production

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Every year The American Heart Association (AHA) organizes events and fundraisers in order to raise money and awareness for heart disease. As you can imagine, 2020 proved to be a difficult year to gather people together. So, when your organization is told to work from home and host your annual 5K walk without breaking any COVID guidelines...?   

These are the problems we were born to solve. 

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When you go virtual there are a lot of technical considerations you need to keep in mind. Your phone or laptop can do amazing things! It really is hard to believe that you can be broadcasting to the world with the press of a few buttons. 

Several of the events we led for AHA were 100% live. Interaction with the audience was key - answering questions, saying hello and providing personal touches. 

The year culminated with a 30 minute production that was aired live and had several "live-feeling" elements to it, but was written and produced entirely in advance. 

A big reason to not go live is technical difficulties. Even if everything is going smooth on our end (always does) buffering speeds, audio cutting out, a browser not refreshing... there are several reasons the end user might have a rocky experience if the entire thing is live. 


And from a content point-of-view, it's easier to finetune a message and keep the pace moving when things are pre-recorded and assembled prior to the event. 


A host is key. Sometimes the biggest key.  


We can provide more than technical support here at Meticulous. A host is not only helpful because they're (likely) more experienced at being on camera and talking to groups of people, but an in-house host, stationed at the production hub, streamlines a lot of the process. 


AHA has a big message and a lot of information to relay. We've worked with them a lot so we're already familiar with the messaging, but clear audio and crisp visuals go a long way when trying to reach an audience. 


Sometimes we play interactive games, sometimes we introduce and listen to survivor stories, and sometimes we'd explain a tedious process like downloading the app and signing up your team for the Heart Walk. 

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