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Show off. Brag. Celebrate who you are.

This is what the internet has done to commercials. No specific time restrictions and no barriers other than creativity. This is the video that plays on your 70in TV at that trade show. It's the video you send to your friends to incite jealousy because your workplace is better than theirs.


It's a highlight reel for being you. 

A Deeper Dive

Client: Clarus Glassboards

Project: 90 second Video

ProdCo: Red Productions

Director: Austin Hines

Anthems are fun. And as a matter of fact, so is Clarus Glassboards. Their culture and their corporate atmosphere is fun. You don't normally get to know something like that by buying a product. 

Companies can be fun!

People enjoy working at Clarus and believe in what they do. Sure, their products are great, but when you have great products AND you're a great company, then you're poised to stand the test of time. 

A lot of what Clarus did in the earlier days was educate people about their products. On the surface it would appear like they make expensive whiteboards. But no.

They created a new product category entirely. 

At tradeshows, in business meetings and through virtual introductions, they use this anthem video to let people know who they are. Their products will change and evolve, but they're one of those rare companies that figured out who they are early. It's that identity that, and the sharing of that identity, that has fueled their growth. 

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