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The Film Industry Strikes: An Unforeseen Advantage for Streaming Platforms (Meticulous Image)

In recent weeks, the number of queries regarding the repercussions of the ongoing film industry strikes on my production company, Meticulous Image Inc., has surged. This heightened interest is not unfounded, given that our company is prominently based in the United States and actively engages in film production.

Yet, I frequently find myself addressing a common misconception among the public. Contrary to popular belief, these strikes have had negligible impact on Meticulous Image Inc. Our scope of work extends beyond traditional films; we produce many video products ranging from feature films to Kickstarter campaigns and myriad projects. Significantly, much of our output aligns more with B2B (Business-to-Business) models, thereby situating us beyond the reach of union-related disputes.

Such revelations often prompt another query: "Do you support the strikes?" My answer is invariably affirmative. I fully back the underlying reasons for the strikes. However, this stance is often followed by a less popular observation, which tends to ruffle some feathers: streaming platforms stand poised to capitalize on the situation.

The logic behind this claim is straightforward. As the strikes halt the production of fresh material, audiences will invariably delve deeper into the archives of their favored streaming platforms. This venture into previously overlooked content will unearth hidden treasures, bringing to light previously purchased but overlooked shows and movies. The phenomenal rise in popularity of series like "Tiger King" or "Squid Games" stands testament to this. Speaking of "Squid Games", it's essential to recognize the sheer volume of content produced globally, uninhibited by entities like SAG or the Writers Guild. It's worth pondering how much content already lies dormant within the vaults of platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, Paramount, and Amazon.

These platforms will benefit from their existing caches and may also find it advantageous to produce content in countries unaffected by the strikes, such as China. The thriving film industry of China, especially the illustrious Hong Kong cinema, has remained unscathed and prolific even as US film production faces challenges.

While past strikes in the film industry have had pronounced impacts, the current scenario is distinct. This strike could become an unparalleled data source, highlighting consumer behavior and preferences without new content. Though this might not be the narrative many in the film industry hope for, it is an evolving reality we must acknowledge and adapt to.

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