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How do you make sure your video

connects with the people who matter?


It’s all about strategy.

Whether you want to spread a message or stir people into action, video is one of the most powerful and persuasive methods of communication there is.


But it’s also one of the trickiest to get right.

Part of the problem is the sheer amount of video content out there. To cut through the clutter, you need video that’s targeted and relevant – video that speaks to your audience in a way that rings true, in a way they can’t ignore. And that comes via thorough research and proper planning. It’s time to talk video strategy.

You’re pouring time and money into your video content, so why would you want to leave anything to chance? Our strategic approach helps you hit your targets time and time again.

Video Marketing Strategy

How we target the right people, engage them with the right content, and distribute the video for maximum exposure.

Video Content Strategy

In-depth research leads to a content plan designed to connect with your target audience and guide them to the next stage in their journey with you.

Yes, More Strategy

By learning how your audience interacts and makes decisions, we can create targeted campaigns that swiftly move people along the customer journey.

Video Campaign Planning

Just like any other part of your marketing arsenal, video should send out consistent messages about your brand. We show you how.

What makes us different?

We Understand Audiences

As part of our production

strategy, we profile and research each project to understand where, when, why and how the content

will be delivered.

We Consider User Journey

We think about the way video fits into our client's wider marketing activity and help create its proper, most impactful place in the customer journey.

We Measure Success

Video has to facilitate your wider business objectives. We put metrics and systems in place to measure the results, learn from our findings and improve our approach.

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