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Recycling Media Assets: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

As we conduct business transactions we are always looking for ways to maximize the products and services we purchase. If we are reasonable and responsible we will do our best to boost opportunities as much as we can. We want better bang for our buck. How does one achieve this with the process of video production?

An element of video production and the efforts put forth, that many do not consider, is that once custom media assets are created, or acquired, they really can be a gift that keeps on giving. Marketing departments and agencies usually tackle the task of video production with a single video product in mind. This sort of straight forward focus is a good thing. It aids in the definite completion of a brands goals. However, so much effort is put fourth throughout pre, pro, and post production why not maximize the endeavor by considering what else the media assets could be utilized for. 

For example, the initial goal of the video production endeavor may be a 60 second commercial geared towards a product release. The end result may contain some well crafted images of the products functionality. These images will most likely contain branding in the form of logos or perhaps within aesthetics of the product design. The images may have the product being utilized in a space that perfectly defines who the companies products are intended for. Sometimes product release videos will have executives speaking about not only the product, but how that product fulfills company objectives, and what those objectives are. There may be testimonials about the product and about the company's services from value customers. B-Roll of manufacturing facilities showing the creation of the product may be acquired. Brand logo animations may be created, and the rights to utilize custom motion graphics, as well as stock music will be purchased. The end result is indeed a quality 60 second commercial that will serve the brand well, but not every single element captured and created is going to make that final cut.

Crafted media that falls to the cutting room floor is still incredibly valuable. The executive interview portion of the piece may only include a brief 10 second sound bite, however the executive very well could have spoken more in-depth about a broad range of subjects relating to the business as a whole. That material is now in your footage bank. You could easily fashion a 2 minute social media post off the material from that initial footage, and you should. Though this extra material may not have been intended, to not utilize it would do a disservice to the value you should be seeking. 

The customer testimonials may be very well composed, and the time spent gathering that material may have resulted in some excellent goal achieving sound bites for the product and its release. But, if you set your mind towards the thought of "The crew and gear is all here. We have a valued customer in the hot seat. They look good. Let's ask them some broader questions and see if we can't gain some malleable footage for future video marketing endeavors" the result is a plethora of applicable material in the bank for future utilization. The extra 15 minutes of interview time will pay off ten fold. That logo animation at the beginning and end of the video can now be utilized for all future videos going forward. This leads to valued brand continuity. B-roll of the manufacturing of the product may be used in another piece to highlight the brands manufacturing prowess, provided the facilities are visually a spectacle all on their own. Frame grabs of product shots can be used as still images for print media, website development, or social media. 

All footage acquired can in someway, with a little bit of creativity, be repurposed for a large swath of marketing and advertising goals. Everything is useful. All one has to do is during the production process think about the true alternate values the acquired media assets could hold. The result? Your initial decision to go down the path of branded video content is now even more so worth the effort. That makes you look good. 

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