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Freelance! Best thing in the world for a kid your age....But I never said you have a job

How to get a job in video production?

You want a job in Video Production? What is your experience in Video Production? What school did you go to? Do you have a degree in Video Production?

To make it up the ladder in video production experience is king. Working in the business for a long time and/or working on multiple sets raises your value as a work candidate.

Now the real question is “how do I crack into the business in the first place?

Volunteer yourself to production companies. This is a great way for you to get around people who have experience. You will have to work for free, but if you are passionate about getting into the business you need to volunteer yourself and be around people who know the process. Video production sets are always needing people. Once you get on the set you just watch the people there work and listen for direction. You will quickly pick up on the terminology and learn the equipment. If you show yourself as a passionate worker and easy to get along with you will eventually be able to get a paying job at that production company or another one.

Another option of getting into the video production industry is going to school and getting a degree in the media field. Going to school to learn the basics of filmmaking and video production is a good way to learn and test your knowledge on the process. It is also a good way to develop friendships that can help you get work in the future. Also, having a degree in the media field will help you get a job at a production company.


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