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Updated: Apr 24, 2020

It isn't uncommon for our producers here at Meticulous Image to hear "I really want great looking video for my business but we are in the middle of nowhere." I have amazing news! We have reached a point in societal connectivity where Meticulous Image can excel at bringing the high-end filmmaking process to, ANYWHERE.

We pride ourselves on our ability to bring Hollywood to you, and not a lot of production companies have that capability. But not a lot of production companies have spent a decade honing the travel element of commercial film production. We have refined our methods and have come up with a travel film process that is teflon tuff. I am about to outline some of these methods......but of course I am not going to reveal everything that goes into our secret sauce.


Meticulous Image is located smack dab in the middle of the United States. Our Dallas/Fort Worth headquarters is ten minutes from one of the largest, most centralized airports in the country. This means we can be in route to any location, I KID YOU NOT, in a matter of minutes. We have done it before. I have gone from my office to the airport unexpectedly in just under a half hour.


Quality film production takes quite a bit of very expensive, fragile and cumbersome equipment. Cameras and lenses are a prime example. Certain combinations of these two items can costs tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately our crews are tuned to be able to easily and safely maneuver these items through the airline system. We know exactly how to handle security and customs as well as airline personnel. Everything is packed in accordance to the rules and regulations of those pesky baggage loaders, who have admitted to me that on a Boeing 737 aircraft they do in fact HAVE to throw the luggage, to get it into the bin under the plane.


Meticulous image does not mess around when it comes to scheduling. We can move quickly but don't go thinking we can control all the variables associated with travel. We can mitigate the impact of those variables by traveling at decent times depending on where we are flying into, as well as allowing more than enough time to get to the city we are producing film content in. Where people despise airports and air travel in general, the Meticulous Image Producers love the "Spaces Between Spaces". A long flight gives them enough down time to work on pre production for the upcoming video, or tackle a bit of post production on a product that has already been shot. The last element related to time is the amount we spend on location. Mi (Meticulous Image) works fast and furious to maximize everyones time, but we always tack a little bit more on the schedule just incase a variable prevents us from doing as good a job as originally discussed in pre-production.


The last secret weapon in our travel film production is the use of a vast network Mi has in filmmaking creatives. We always have our video producers on production, in order to maintain the quality initially expected by Meticulous clients, but we understand that there are talented filmmakers everywhere. Over the decades of conducting film production we have obtained a robust rolodex of top notch crew members. These talented filmmakers are found by us in all corners of the globe, and most importantly, near you. When our producers arrive on the scene, wherever that is, they have amazing local talent backing them up. Nothing is better than the knowledge and know how of someone from your region.

The above has been just a slight outline of some of the processes we implement to make your business look stellar on the big screen, no matter where it is. Don't ever let distance from Meticulous Image be the reason you don't make the proper moves to promote your brand. Mi has the ability to span the the gap, no matter how large.

If you are interested in this service, or any of Meticulous Image Inc.'s film production offerings, be sure to give our website a look.

+1 214•257•8000

2825 Exchange BLVD, Southlake Tx. 76092 United States

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