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Commercial Video Products: The Wild Wild West.

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Remember the .com era? Don't think too hard because we certainly don't want to date ourselves. To jog your memory it was a period in time when the internet exploded onto the scene and with it a new genre of marketing and advertising a business. There was a mad scrambling to lay claim to website domains, so that business could legitimize there products and services. You weren't anybody if you didn't have a website. 

Fast forward to today. The internet has evolved considerably since that era and with that evolution comes a litany of new abilities like the sharing of media geared towards marketing. The largest form of media marketing today is video. Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, these are all exhibition platforms gear towards video and these platforms have become as instrumental as website domains in the .com era. 

There was a period of time in the not too distant past where the material on youtube could be easily dismayed. Video exhibition was a novelty therefore the content displayed was just that. A large swatch of internet video consisted of something similar to what you may have seen on America's Funniest Home Videos in 1995. Just like the internet, however, exhibition platforms evolved. Now, businesses need video just as much as they needed a website back in 1999. Furthermore that video needs to be good. It needs to set itself apart from the rest of shlock floating around the web. 

A demand for creativity, quality, high end, entertaining video products is greater now than it has ever been before. A business that doesn't jump on this wagon is a business that will inevitably fail. Many may see this endeavor as a huge challenge, one more element to confuse the display of a brand. Luckily we also live in a time where there really are few rules. It is a wild wild west all you need is a creative video production guru, ranch hand, cowboy, whatever metaphor you want to use to help tackle this landscape and do so with the high end video production quality your image deserves. 

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