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Video Agency? What's that?

Meticulous Image is a video agency. Seriously. Now, sometimes companies throw generic words around because they're catchy and don't hold any real weight. You know "Consultant"... "Advisor"... "Doctor"... those words could mean anything.

Technically speaking an agency is a very generic word similar to "company." But in the world we live in (not Earth, but the corporate marketing world of 2019) an Agency is a prestigious group of marketing geniuses that you're lucky to be partnered with.

An agency gets paid a retainer and sometimes gets you to sign a contract saying that YOU can't make decisions about your own company without THEIR approval.

Agencies are treated with such reverence for a reason. They deserve it. Well, they deserved it, back in the day.

But things are changing.

It used to be hard to connect with your customers. Today, reaching people is not the hard part. Connecting with people is the hard part.

You know what you can do with the internet? Yes you do. Everyone does. The internet is so much a part of our lives that we have grown adults that can't remember life without it. An agency was invaluable a hundred years ago because you couldn't reach your audience's eyes, or touch your audience's soul with them. Companies are starting to figure this out, but they haven't figured out what to really do about it.

This is why we exist!

We will give you all the help that an agency would, without the high price tag and unnecessary red tape that often comes with a traditional marketing agency. We know the creative side of this business and we know how to tell the world who you are. Your image is important. Agencies know that your brand is delicate and needs to be treated with care. That's why "image" is part of our name and that's why "agency" is part of who we are.

We are the prestigious group of marketing geniuses that you've been looking for, but we're the lucky ones that get to partner with you.

Sniffles and tears.


austin hines

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