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Video: The Best Kind of Mess

I have been conducting film productions professionally for over a decade now. These film sets have consisted of features, shorts, narratives, documentaries, music videos, sitcoms, commercials, porn.....just kidding, I have never done porn. Thank God, I have yet to be that desperate. Throughout the years however, I have noticed something particularly consistent within commercial filmmaking. Clients are often caught off-guard by how much actually goes into the creation of high-end video.

Production is not minimally invasive!

Film production is disruptive and though you may consider this to be a turn off, it shouldn't be. I am about to let you in on a little secret. The good stuff, the high quality stuff, the stuff that is going to separate your video marketing from your competitor's, is disruptive. I cannot tell you how many times I have walked onto the location of a business to shoot commercial material and the director immediately receives these words from the client, "Oh wow, your crew has a lot of stuff." Yep, we typically do carry a ton of baggage. Understand that all that baggage, those lights, stands, tripods, carts, dollies, those PEOPLE, are all so your final video product surpasses the competitor that can only use an iPhone. The proof is in the pudding. It is worth it. Trust me.

Flex the mess.

Despite the fact high-end film production is disruptive, there are ways that you can turn this into a marketing benefit. Commercial video production of a higher caliber looks awesome from behind the scenes. If your business has pulled the trigger on getting higher level material made from a production company like Meticulous Image, you can count on impressive BTS (behind the scenes) images that you can post straight to social media and flex your efforts to your industry.

Flattering will get you everywhere.

Depending on what you have requested from Meticulous Image, you may have an opportunity to put a CEO or higher level executive on screen. Everyone likes being in the "Spot Light", and getting the "Hollywood" treatment. Even more so if they are talking about something they like and is important to them, like their career. Or perhaps the production is for a series of customer testimonials. How flattering is that? You chose your favorite customers to sit down on a Hollywood style set to voice their love of your business relationship.

The optics are everything!

Just as you may utilize the sites and sound of a commercial film-set to display just how dominant a leader your company is, this is not going to be lost on your workforce. Those not representing the company on screen are going to peak around the corners to see exactly what everyone is up to. I love it when I am in earshot of a passing employee who is super curious as to what all the hub bub is about. I know for sure they are going to go home to their husband or wife that evening, and tell them about how "The company made a movie today!". These sorts of optics build confidence in the internal workings of a brand.

Beware of success.

Consider all of this to be fare warning! Once you go down the path of video production, though involved, you have to work pretty hard to avoid all the marketing opportunity that is going to come your way. Does your brand deserve this sort of attention? Of course it does! Show the world your industry leadership, with high end video from Meticulous Image.

METICULOUS IMAGE - Pick Up Your Toys (Post Shoot Clean Up 360 Video)

Don't get too concerned! Good Film crews always clean up their mess, sometimes leaving your location better than they found it.

If you are interested in this service, or any of Meticulous Image Inc.'s film production offerings, be sure to give our website a look.

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