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What is the Point of Having Video?

1) Videos have the power to generate a lot of money for your business. Having a video on your website and/or social media platform gives customers a visual aid on what your business is and how your business works. You can easily explain what you do and how you do it in an entertaining form in less than a minute. This visual “elevator pitch” of your business turns any person who sees the video into customers. Your video will directly influence your sales and that is why you need to make sure you have creative, engaging, and informative videos for your business.

2) The best way to reach customers is by influencing their emotion. A lot of people make their financial decisions based off of how they feel about a product or service. Nothing influences emotions more than a video. A video has the ability to make people laugh, cry, get angry, and feel motivated to make their lives better. You can accomplish any of these with a video that is just a minute long.

3) A big element of business is the risk versus reward factor. Is the risk too great and the reward too small or vice versa. Well videos have a fantastic ROI (Return on Investment), which means your risk or investment can be very low in a video production, just use your smartphone to record something, and your return can be a thousandfold. Even if you bankroll a big production, that video can drive your business for the next decade.

Meticulous Image can provide you with all of your video needs. We have the power to generate a lot for your business with our video making abilities. We create videos that power people's emotions into action that leads to business for your company. Meticulous Image provides a fantastic ROI and will give your business a boost that you will see shortly after working with us.


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